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Welcome!  And thanks for checking us out.  This blog has been created to share the stories and pictures we will be living through as we prepare for and celebrate a journey to River Ridge, Louisiana from May 13th to 19th, 2007.   Our fervent hope is that we may be of some use in the recovery effort there after the levees broke in 2005.  We are 5 women strong, full of hope and willingness to work hard.   

This work group of members and friends originated in Mira Vista United Church of Christ, a small congregation in El Cerrito, CA, .  We have a place to sleep, a place to work, a place to eat and a place to play/worship/sing with a local UCC church in River Ridge. None of us has been to this part of the world before, so we’re all excited and eager to be put to use.

I hope this blog becomes a journal for us to record our trip, and a place for youto check up on us while we’re down south. We will use this  to send messages, download pictures, and share our prayers, songs, meditations, glories, and tiredness with you all. None of us speaks for the whole group, and I’m hoping all of our different voices will create a dynamic picture of what’s up with us.

We also encourage you to leave us comments on the blog so we know we aren’t alone.  🙂

The upcoming messages will tell you what we’re hoping to do, where we’re going, how we decided to do this, what this has to do with us Californians, what has still to be done in New Orleans, and ways in which you can help. We have three weeks to plan, pack, and party, so join us when you can! This is a work of love, and none of it can happen without you to support us and love us back to California when we’re done.  Thanks for checking us out.  Amy



Posted April 17, 2007 by NOLA-er in Katrina Recovery

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  1. hi amy this is great stuff that you all are doing and fun I will keep checking the blog love u paula

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