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So plans continue a-pace, with just 2 weeks to go before we leave.  We’re putting together a Gumbo Takeout Truck to help promote and support our trip, and all sorts of people are coming to our aid, including a couple of professional chefs!  The idea for gumbo takeout was actually borrowed from another UCC group that did this for their trip to New Orleans.  So with their permission, we are using their idea, and of course adding our own filip of excitement to it by actually using Susan and Barbara’s camper van as the carrier.  Maybe we’ll even decorate it in time.  But that’s doubtful… As Barbara said earlier last week, "Barbara and Amy are not a good combination for ‘simple!’  Love that.  But we’re working on shrimp gumbo, Kathryn’s cornbread, and peach cobbler.  YUM! 
Flyers are being prepared to send to different churches to invite them to the parking lot of Christ Lutheran on Sunday, May 6th.  We’re also gonna be taking advance orders so if anyone wants gumbo but can’t make it on the 6th, we’ll deliver for group orders of 15 or over!  But we might negotiate….. 
Makenda says she is thinking about putting together a photo essay on our trip, and I’m hoping she’ll post some of her photos on this blog.  EXCITING!
Sylvia suggested we get caps made to identify us when we are working onsite, so that’s being designed even as I write this.  Lots of folks from lots of different places are involved.  This is very exciting!

Posted April 27, 2007 by NOLA-er in Katrina Recovery

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