Naming the Angels of Gumbo Making   Leave a comment

On Saturday, May 5th, Barbara and I met Maggie Pond, the executive chef behind the wildly successful restaurant, Cesar’s, at her restaurant in Oakland.  She brought us into the prep kitchen, which is an entire room underneath the dining area.  There we spent the next 6 hours chopping vegetables and herbs, cooking sausage, dodging sous-chefs, tasting amazing desserts and cheeses and spreads, and just generally having a wonderful time.  I (Amy) learned some secrets of the chef masters from Barbara (herself an accomplished chef) and I got to wear a chef’s coat.  How cool is that
Maggie and Cesar’s donated all the ingredients, including the chicken, shrimp, veggies, etc., and donated all of the packaging materials as well.  Barbara and I packaged over 60 12-oz. containers of gumbo that day, and stored them overnight in the walk-in refrigerator at Cesar’s.  So next time you go to Cesar’s (either at 1515 Shattuck in Berkeley, or at 4039 Piedmont in Oakland), tell Maggie how much you appreciate her help in this!  (

Posted May 9, 2007 by NOLA-er in Katrina Recovery

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