First Full Day   2 comments

Thoughts of things we thought of tonight as we were sitting around after dinner. 
We were amazed at how welcoming everyone is to such a small group of people.  They are all going out of their way to let us know how welcome we are and that group size or skill level doesn’t moderate the welcome.  We heard that up to 6 months ago people would cry all the time, everywhere, at any time.   How hard it’s been for people who live here to live here, whether they have permanent homes or not.  People crying all the time sounds like post traumative stress.  Alan, Minister of Disaster Recovery for UCC in this area, gives a spiel every Monday about what UCC is doing with other churches.  Said our jobs here are to take in as much as we can emotionally and spiritually so we can take it home, not how much we get done. We were all so taken with the level of investment of long-term volunteers and permanent residents to keep the city their own and to recover from Katrina. Store manager at Home Depot, the clerks at Home Depot, waiting at bathroom, woman in business attire asked us where we were from and thanking us for being there.  The congregation cooked dinner for us on Monday night.   Every person thanking us for being here who cooked for us. Every Monday is red beans and rice, because it’s wash day. You put your beans on to cook while you did your wash.  Miss  Eleanor baked us two cakes (lemon and chocolate cakes) and someone made the most amazing bread pudding- with custard and a meringue on  top with lemon sauce.  Staying in Jefferson Parish and working in New Orleans Parish.  By the way, they call the French Quarter "the Quarters."
In the last 24 hours we have eaten:
boiled shrimp
mushroom -stuffed with crabmeat
broiled catfish with crabmeat
LA broiled tuna with french fries (cooked an hour)
deep fried catfish
iceberg lettuce with mounds of thick, creamy dressing
caramelized bread pudding (16oz. each)
Crystal Lite iced tea
Amy’s iced tea
red beans and rice
sweet rolls leftover from Sunday coffee hour
crawfish etouffee
Popeye’s fried chicken
chicken and sausage gumbo
And in between we worked.

Posted May 14, 2007 by NOLA-er in Katrina Recovery

2 responses to “First Full Day

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  1. You women rock!!!  Jess, Alice, Patsy, and I sent our Yoga energy down to ya\’ll.  And our love and prayers. 
    Much Love,

  2. you girls are great!!!:)

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