May 15th, 2007   Leave a comment

It’s 11:35 pm and the rest of the crew is either asleep or fast approaching that state.  There’s rolling thunder in the background as I write this.  We worked HARD today – painting the trim on Miz Otha Jones’ house.  Crews before ours did all the painting but the final coat and the trim, so that’s what our little band is doing.  NONE of us were ladder-friendly when we got here yesterday, but by today we were climbing up and down those tallest ladders like, well, monkeys.  We’re not pros but we ain’t fearful no more, and that’s an amazing thing.  Makenda, Susan, Amy, Kathryn and Sylvia all were right up there under the eaves of this two -story house.  Do not mess with us… 
Tomorrow we will continue working on the trim, but we will be knocking off at 12, having po-boys for lunch, coming back to the church to get cleaned up and then we’re being taken on a tour of the Lower 9th Ward, where apparently very little has been done since Katrina.  The tales of sorrow, graft, shenanigans of appointed officials, acts of incredible heroism by everyday people, the looks on people’s faces as we walk around town – there  are things that happened here that simply should not have happened.  We have all noticed that we get stared at a lot, and our mentor and angel, Hillary, says it’s because we are obviously not from this place.  Our eyes don’t have the shadows in them that New Orleanians have.
We will also go to Snug Harbor and hear Irvin Mayfield and his band play. 
we will annotate the pictures as soon as we can.  please forgive the lack of information.  We’re all pretty tired from all the working and talking and sharing we’ve been doing.  Bear with us!  And praise God that we have been given this opportunity to be a witness to what others are experiencing and what being a Christian in this troubled world means.  Our hats say it –  "Faith + Work = Justice."  How do we stay connected to each other?  Why do we hurt when others hurt?  Why do we let these things happen that hurt others? 
May God be with you ’till we meet again.  Good night – Amy

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