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Monday Night’s Dinner
grilled catfish
brown rice
pasta with butter, salt, and pepper
tossed green salad with vegetables and avocado
chocolate mints from Ruth Ann and Ardith’s pastor in Chicago

Planning our evenings:

  • Tuesday night: Eat out at the Mulates Cajun and Creole restaurant at 6:00 pm
  • Wednesday night: Eat in, red beans and rice here, cooked by St. Matthews. We’ve asked Michael to play his saxophone and we can also sing. We’ll watch a presentation on New Orleans on DVD.
  • Thursday night: Eat here early, and then go walking around in the French Quarter to hear jazz
  • Friday night: Work ends at 3 pm. Come home, clean our living spaces, and go out to eat somewhere. Celebrate!

 Planning our work:

  • Barbara will be overall on-site project leader
  • Bonnie and Nancy will take an inventory of supplies and tools inside the house
  • Heinz, Dan, Michael, and Makenda will finish working on the back side of the house
  • Ardith will paint the cement blocks
  • Others will continue with scrapping, scrubbing, and painting as scaffolding becomes available
  • We’ll carry our cell phones
  • We’ll coordinate trips off-site better

Signing off -Bonnie


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