Fourth Work Day – Thursday   Leave a comment

The three sprayers got off early to work off-site for the day, Ardith and Ruth Ann went to get groceries and make lunches, and the rest of us went to our worksite. More prep on the front of the house with regular ladders, completion of the attic ladder, more scraping on the east side with extension ladders, painting the trim and window edges white on the street side with scaffolding. Barbara covered a board with plastic wrap so we had a tray for cheese, crackers, and gorp as snack. Work work work. Lunch. Work work work. We wrapped up a little early, around 3:00 pm.
It has been handy having three cars for the 15 of us: one large van that seats 12. One mini-van that seats 7. And one sedan that seats 5. It has been complicated having only three sets of keys to our rooms at the church for the 15 of us.
Barbara and helpers made another fabulous catfish dinner. We sat in the dining room upstairs with the tables in an open rectangle shape. Then discussed our many tasks for tomorrow. After that people had a night off. Some of us went off to the French Quarter, others for a walk in town, others to do laundry or read or talk. Nancy went to a co-counseling session with someone who does that here too. And internet access has been restored. We are saddened to see pictures and read about the flooding in Burma.
Signing off –Bonnie

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