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Q: How do you negotiate the streets of an unfamiliar city, when Abigail the GPS says "Turn right at the ramp" and you drove straight instead?
A: Everyone repeat after Abigail: "Recalculating."

Q: How to make sure you are hot enough when spraying termites and mold spores on the interior of a house?
A: Put the respirator back on.
Q: How to manage the work of 15 unskilled volunteers with the main project leader is not on site all of the time?
A: Choose an on-site coordinator.
Q: How to help a sixty-something feel comfortable on the top of a scaffold?
A: Provide a ledge to stand on and a ledge to sit down upon.
Q: How to make sure you are using exterior paint on the exterior wall of a house?
A: Before opening this particular can (one of four), read the label.
Q: How to let the crew that went off to Home Depot know that lunch is ready and, besides, it is your turn to go to the john?
A: Everyone carry cell phones and have them turned on.
Q: How to make sure you have everyone before you leave?
A: Get in the car, count everyone in your car. Get out of the car. Count everyone in the car behind you.
Q: How to count how many fillets of catfish you need to feed a work crew at the end of the work day?
 A: Count the number of workers and double it.
Q: How to release the upper portion of an extension ladder?
A:  First, stand on your tip toes, jump, and push. Second, grab the rope dangling from the back side of the ladder and pull down to release the hooks. Third, slowly loosen the tension on the rope to let the upper side slide down.
Q: How to make sure some catfish from dinner will be left over for breakfast?
A:  Before eating dinner, order shrimp and onion rings from the bar across the street.
Q: How to remove a stinging buck moth caterpillar from the back of your neck when you are sitting under an overhang eating a cup of ice cream?
A: Use the ice scream spoon.
Q: How to separate your spouse’s dry clothing from that of others in a common, last laundry load?
A: Not to worry. Someone else will figure it out.
Q: How to write to the blog without internet connection for the night?
A: Use MS Word and Save.
Q: How to process overwhelming sorrow and continued suffering?
A:  1) Cry.   2) Have nightmares.  3) Blog.  4) Take photos.   5) Talk to someone who will listen.   6) Talk to your pastor.   7) Help rebuild houses.   8) Write to law makers.
Q: How to react to seeing a cockroach under the neighboring, empty chair late at night?
A:  Wait for it to go through the open door, then close the door.

Q:  How to carry on with the work when your on-site coordinator has laryngitis?
A:  Talk about all the tasks that need to be done and write them down on a piece of paper. Whoever did the writing becomes the new on-site coordinator.
We learned. –Bonnie


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