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Our first day on the job!
This week is going to be a little bit different than the last couple of years we have been here.  UCC (as well as many other denominations) is working with CWS (Church World Service).  This morning we travelled to a large pavillion where CWS was having an orientation for all those volunteering this week (probably 100 folks were at the pavillion today).  I think CWS is in week 3 of a 6 week work program where volunteers such as ourselves from all denominations work on homes which are near completion.
Our group of 10 broke up into 2 groups.  Sylvia, Amy, Lisa, Barbara and I got the address of the home where we’d be working.  When we got there, they had no use for us :(.  So we headed out to a 2nd work site.  They didn’t need us either!  They already had about 10 people working on that home!  Finally we found our spot!  The 5 of us were there with about 10 others…  We put "mud" on drywall and sanded the "mud" down.  It was tough work, as we were all reaching up above our heads to work on the ceiling!
This evening we went to a restaurant about a mile from the church where we are staying.  It is called Ignatious Eatery.  It is a Cajun/Creole restaurant and was phenominal.  We all ordered a variety of things including red beans and rice, crawfish ettoufee, seafood stuffed bell peppers, jambalaya, chicken salad po’ boy and of course, BREAD PUDDING!  we are now stuffed, and probably will be until lunchtime tomorrow 🙂


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