Traveling Day – Saturday May 1, 2010   Leave a comment

10 pm – Here we are at Little Farms United Church of Christ in River Ridge, Louisiana. We met at 3 pm in the airport: Serban and Jeanette coming from New Jersey; Sylvia, Nancy, Dan, Eliot and I coming from California. We rented a mini-van from National and it was a quick trip (10 minutes) from the airport here. Sheila from this church greeted us and showed us around.
After putting together a grocery list, we got so hungry that we drove downtown to the French Quarter to eat before buying groceries. We ate at "Remoulade" (a spicy red sauce is what the name means) on the famous Bourbon Street: turtle soup (yumm!), gumbo (sumptuous!), jambalaya, catfish, and meat pies (delicious!). We toasted to Eliot as it was his 27th birthday, to being together, and to the rebuilding of New Orleans.
Now we are comfortably settled in our bunk beds with air mattresses. The sheets, blankets, pillows, and towels were kindly provided by the many volunteers who came before us. The men already have lights out: the women have taken up their novels. It is cool. And quiet. We are content.


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