Roofing Day 2 – Tuesday May 4, 2010   Leave a comment

Back we went to the house on Britt Street this morning to continue work on the roof. Today we put the asphalt shingles on four out of the six parts of the roof. Using scaffolding to stand on, people would lift up the sheets of shingles and start nailing them to the edge of the roof, and work their way upwards. Once more rows had been put down so people were working on the roof, others would stand on the scaffolding to lift up the shingles, nails, and drinking water. And others would ferry the stacks of shingles to those standing on the scaffolding, and cut them at angles when needed, and fetch whatever else was needed, and constantly clean up bits of shingles, plastic wrapping, and stray nails. The dumpster was still sitting in the front driveway for our use. It was hot on the roof. Frank, Eliot, and several of the volunteers from Ohio were on the roof almost all day. Nancy and Sylvia went up too. Sylvia tells me she was VERY careful. She and Nancy are VERY capable! We ate delicious leftover chicken from last night’s big dinner, and carrots and pickles and apples for lunch. In the afternoon one of the grandchildren from our house brought us Freeze Pops – wow, those were just what we needed. We got off an hour early – 3 pm, and unwound at ‘home’ at Little Farms. For dinner we made catfish with Barbara’s spices (thank you, Barbara!) and they turned out great. Along with coleslaw, green beans, red potatoes, leftover corn pudding, wine courtesy of Eliot, and "pralines and cream" ice cream. Some had seconds on the ice cream….I know, you are jealous now! A rock group is practicing in the sanctuary tonight. Sylvia and Nancy and Jeanette walked to the levee and they saw some bats who were eating insects. Dan, Eliot, Serban and I watched the latest installment of Stargate Universe on a laptop. Time to relax! –Bonnie


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