May 5, 2010 Conversations #2   Leave a comment

Another conversation happened after Jazz Fest, on the way back to the car. I was walking with and behind a tall African American woman who was wearing a T shirt that said "Black Pelicans" on the front and "Black Baseball Leagues" on the back. I asked her if she had ever seen this team, and she said no, they were gone before she was around. She said some of them were really good. We got to talking, and it turned out that her ancestors spoke Creole. She explained that Creole was a combination of "broken" French and "broken" Spanish, and that she can speak it when she goes to visit her family in the northern part of the state, but doesn’t have anyone to speak it with in New Orleans and is forgetting it. I suggested that she could decide to re-learn it as an adult, and mentioned that a student of mine had not learned Cajun French from her parents because they were ashamed of their ethnicity, but my student’s brother is learning it at LSU (Louisiana State University) and my student is wishing she could do so too. The woman I was walking with was clearly proud of her Creole heritage, which was great. I am glad at least some of the local ethnic groups here are alive and well.



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