May 5, 2010 second lining at Jazz Fest   Leave a comment

My favorite part of Jazz Fest was the Preservation All-Stars Band, which is the elderly jazz great gentlemen (and a few younger ones) of New Orleans, all in one place, wearing suits and ties and playing amazing songs. They even sing, old jazz standards and songs I’d never heard before. There was also a very relaxed, great female singer. We were thrilled by the line of people dancing through the crowd carrying small fancy parasols, and Bonnie said she’d dance if I did. I talked Jeannette (who appears to be shy and English and proper but her real self started to emerge…) into joining us. Sylvia gave me the small umbrella she borrowed that morning from the church where we are staying – it was magenta, perfect for the occasion. So when the band announced that the next song was their last for the day, Bonnie, Jeannette, and I jumped up, opened our umbrellas, and joined the dance line, for at least 20 minutes, as the song went on and on and on. I picked up green Mardi Gras beads from the floor and put them over my head, twirling my magenta umbrella the whole time and swinging my full red-striped skirt, grinning from ear to ear. I was told later by a NOLA person that what we were doing was called second-lining. Eliot joined us, having split up with us earlier but ending up in this amazing tent full of completely happy people – black and white and a few Asians, old and young, men and women and children. Wow, what a highlight.



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