Law Street Day 2 – Thursday, May 6, 2010   Leave a comment

Our mini-van is cozy. The three people sitting in the back (somewhat squished) are in economy; the middle two seats with their own arm rests and control over the air flow are in first class, and of course the driver (with override control of the air flow) and map reader up front are the pilots. We are amused by the street names. "Elyssian Fields" reminds Nancy of the movie "Black Orpheus," which is set during Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Other names: Abundance, Hope. And then there are "Hickory", "Dickory," and "Dock."
Hanging on the wall by the front door of the house on Law Street is a
chart of "House Jobs." Each room is listed by function and by its
dimensions, along with all the jobs that need to be done. On the second
page is a list of supplies needed for the tasks. We appreciate that, as
volunteers, we can come and just work: someone else has done all the
planning and preparation. Today Eliot and Serban and Dan cleared out three rooms to make a space for painting trim indoors where it is cooler. They opened the back door too and set up a fan. There was a lovely breeze today and it was a little cooler than yesterday. Kelly worked on the closet all day. Jeanette and Sylvia continued painting trim. Nancy and Bonnie stained the kitchen cabinets with an oak stain, and Nancy went downtown to visit a friend. On the back steps in the breeze and the shade, we ate tuna sandwiches for lunch, watching the chameleons scurry along the back fence and turn green when they passed underneath the leaves. After lunch Tim and Dan took out and modified the trim around a bathroom door to account for variations in the dry wall. They replaced the trim and hung the door. It was an hour-long project, not nearly as easy as it sounds. Bonnie learned how to sponge mud onto the smooth drywall so that it looks textured like the rest of the wall and you will not be able to tell that it was patched.
We had our hearts set on pralines to take home, but when we got to the shop in the Garden District, it was closed. We continued on the the Garden District Bookshop in the Rink on the corner of Washington Avenue and Prytania Street. We came home with a great selection of cookbooks, children’s books, and a novel. Eliot made us a dinner to celebrate (one day later) Cinco de Mayo: tostados with ground beef, cheese, avocado, salsa, rice, and lettuce. Yumm. We are reading each other’s new books.


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