May 6, 2010 working with Kelly   Leave a comment

On the way to work yesterday, I got to ride with Kelly, who is staying in this building with us and working with us. He’s in NOLA for 3 weeks and has more building skills than anyone in our group, even though usually he is a pastor/dean of religious life at Syracuse University in NY. During the ride to work, he told Eliot and me about what his work life is like, including frequent trips around the country and abroad dealing with various emergencies involving students. In the evenings, he rides his bike around the area, declining to eat with us, so it was good to get to know him a bit.

Today I got to work closely with him. After sanding and staining kitchen cabinets with Bonnie in the morning, after lunch I asked our boss, Tim, what to do next. Tim seemed to think I had some building skills (maybe it was the overalls?), and told me to go cut 2 different lengths of 2 x 4 with the job saw, a power saw set up on the front porch, then nail them to 2 much longer 2 x 4’s into a sort of rectangle. This rectangle was not even because we were going to use it in a section of the house which is out of plumb, larger 8 feet up from the floor than at floor level. Slightly intimidated by this job, I got Eliot to help me with the cutting and nailing and carrying it to where Kelly was working.

Then I helped Kelly install this contraption, which took a great deal of pounding it with the heaviest hammer, pulling it out, kicking it, moving it around, trying again from the other side, working with the level over and over to make it as plumb as possible from top to bottom, and finally nailing it into place. I said I wanted to do some of the nailing, and Kelly invited me to do so with the lower nails. I found to my surprise that if I leaned over and focused on using my back as well as my whole arm, I had a lot of power. I managed to pound in several of the very long nails beautifully. It was fun making so much noise! I want to cut and nail more tomorrow.



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